Kiln Dried After Treatment Lumber


What Is KDAT

Kiln Dried After Treatment Lumber (KDAT) is a drying process that occurs after pressure treating wood. Once lumber is pressure treated wirth chemicals, Kiln drying removes excess moisture and chemicals left behind. This helps to minimize the natural tendencies of wood to car, cup and shrink.

KDAT lumber is used in the manufacturing of laminated columns for post frame buildings and in any application that the lumber needs to be pressure treated but dried back down to pre-treatment moisture levels.


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Benefits of KDAT Lumber

Drying increases the wood’s strength and minimizes tendency to shrink, cup or warp

KDAT Wood is Lighter - Drying returnns wood to it’s full strength while reducing its weight. This makes it easier to transport, handle and cut.

Paint, Stain or Seal Immediately - Avoid the wait period on treated wood to dry naturally. Kiln dried, pressure-treated wood can be sealed immediately.