Our Story


Our Story

Started in 2021, Old South Wood Preserving, LLC was founded by Eric Stoll. Old South Wood is stationed in Summertown, Lawerence County, TN and located on 4907 Highway 43 North. The location consists of an office, lumber barns for wood storage and a treatment plant. Old South Wood's goal is to help others in the community grow and to be the best producers of southern yellow pine in the south.

Old South Wood Preserving, LLC is a wholesale distributor of both pressure treated and non pressure treated southern yellow pine lumber. As partners with the best producers of Southern yellow pine in the South, Old South Wood ensures that customers receive the best quality wood with each shipment.

Old South Wood Preserving, LLC serves Tennessee and surrounding states.

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Providing Quality Pressure Treated Products Every Time

Demonstration-Ribbon Cutting

How we preserve

Old South Wood Preserving, LLC treatment process consists of bringing in southern yellow pine lumber and putting it in airtight cylinders, which then floods with pressurized water and chemical concentrate. The cylinder is then emptied, vacuumed, and the wood is stored on a contained drip pad until completely dry before shipping to retail stores.