Heavy Timbers


Why Use Treated Heavy Timbers

Pressure treated wood extends the longevity and appearance of the wood, adding decades of life and usability to the wood. The chemical preservative that the material is processed in makes the timbers resistant to insects and moisture. It can even protect the material in sever weather conditions.

Treated Timber
Untreated Timbers

Pressure Treated Heavy Timbers are Covered Under Warranty

Truck of Heavy Timbers

Material & Sizes

Old South Wood Preserving, LLC uses southern yellow pine wood for timber material. It is a medium texture softwood and weighs approximately 537 to 626 kg per cubic metre. We carry a variety of sizes of heavy timber including:

6x6 in lengths from 8ft-24ft

8x8 in lengths from 16ft-36ft

10x10 in lengths from 16ft-36ft (Special Order)

12x12 lengths from 16ft-36ft (Special Order)

As south yellow pine is not only strong, stiff, and dense, it has the ability to hold nails and other fasteners particularly well. This makes it a great choice for residential and commercial construction.

Uses for Heavy Timber

In the building industry, the word timber alone can mean wood used for dimensional 2″ x 4″ framing. In our industry, timber means “heavy timber” and heavy timbers are wood beams that are larger than 3″. Heavy timber is often used in existing homes for the heavy timber look or actually used to build a new home. Heavy timber is used in both commercial building and residential.

Heavy timber construction is a building method centered around the use of large, rustic heavy timbers. Other uses include post and beam construction or mill construction, timber framing in floor and roof assemblies, all which have been used since the beginning of civilization.

Untreated Timber