Pressure Treated Poplar Fence Boards

Poplar Fence Boards

Old South Wood Preserving, LLC is well known in the Agricultural Fencing Industry for our quality treated Poplar Fence Boards.

agricultural fence created from treated poplar wood
packaged and stacked treated poplar wood

Sourcing Poplar Fence Boards

We source the best Poplar 1x6 Fence Boards with no wane from a few hardwood mills that saw Poplar Fence Boards exclusively for Old South Wood Preserving, LLC. After these boards go through a grading process, they’re moved to the dry kilns to be dried to 19% moisture content.

Packaging Boards

After they are dried, the Poplar Fence Boards are then packaged into bundles of 105 pieces before they are treated and prepared for shipment to our customers.

packaged and stacked treated poplar wood