Tongue and Groove Milling


What is Tongue and Grooving

Tongue and groove is a method of fitting planks together edge to edge to interlock. A single lumber would have a groove milled on one side edge and a tongue milled on the opposite side.It is primarily used in high quality boards in flooring and paneling. If the material is thicker, several tongues and grooves may be required.

Tongue and Groove Milled Lumber

Best Quality with Each Shipment


Our Process

The process of milling your pieces start with selecting seasoned treated woods. We will carefully pick lumber to best match the vision you have for your project.

Once the lumber has been selected, we will mill the wood using our machinery, ensuring a smooth and precise cut. The tongue and grooves are milled with enough tolerance, so that they go together easily, and do not require the need for forceful persuasion. This, alongside the constant handling and monitoring of each plank means the planks reach their destination ready to be installed.