TSO - Treating Services Only


What Is TSO

We offer pressure treatment services - a service we call TSO or Treating Service Only - with any of our treatment chemicals we use to our local retail stores. We treat all of our TSO orders to the same exacting standards and rigorous quality control that we use for our own product. Since the treatment process adds a considerable amount to water to the wood, some customers prefer, and some applications require drying after treatment


Best Quality With Every Shipment



Treating Service Only (TSO) is available for those customers preferring to supply their own lumber.

By choosing to use our TSO services you let go of the limitations that come with most treated wood products. TSO can be used for a variety of products, including posts and stakes for agriculture, bridge timbers and guardrail posts for transportation projects, glulams and building poles for construction, and pilings and dock materials for maritime applications. TSO gives you the option to ensure longevity of life in your project without having to compromise on your vision.